How it works.

How My Last Farewell works

  • Record your Legacy Video, WILL or audio message and upload it to the It’s that simple!
  • You can update your recording at anytime.
  • Just give your account information to the person that will be handling your last wishes. That person will download your message to show it to your family & friends at your funeral.

What should I say?

Here are a few suggestions

  • Speak from your heart
  • Tell them you love them
  • Leave a message of hope and encouragement
  • Leave them with something wise
  • If you are a person that likes to have fun, be funny – tell a joke
  • If you have a big beautiful smile, leave them with a smile
  • Sing your favorite song

Where should I record my Video/Audio?

  • Your video should be recorded in a place with enough light to see you
    • A place nice and quite (Audio/Video)
    • A place with a nice background
    • If your balcony, porch, or park is quiet, do it there; just make sure the lighting is right
  • Any place where you feel comfortable